MED immobiliare - Who we are

di Crott Chiara

MEDimmobiliare of Chiara Crott an Agency that has been working with passion and commitment since 2003 in the real estate sector in Costa Degli Etruschi area and in particular in San Vincenzo area, taking care of the intermediation phase both in selling and purchasing and yet short term summer rent.

We offer our client different kinds of real estate ; from a small and easy single room apartment to a wonderful Villa directly on the sea side , carefully following them in all phases: from the dealing to the post-selling activities.


Buying or selling a house is one of the most important decision we could make in our lives and MEDimmobiliare know this very well and thinks this should be taken under no stressing condition and surrounded by a sense of safety, evaluating and analyzing every single detail under the careful guide of the real estate agent.

Furthermore, the purchase of the house is not only connected to an emotional side but it has also to take under consideration, today more than ever, the economical aspect of such a procedure. We can evaluate at the best of our knowhow both the revenue you could obtain from hypothetical renting activity connected to your real estate and how your investment would maintain its value in time, giving clear and transparent advice.

Advice and Professionalism

The Agency is at your disposition and wants to satisfy any of your needs, including , in case it is needed, a loan service provide by Auxilia Finance, FIAIP loaning Agency that could evaluate at the best your needs thanks to one of the agents in the territory.

Medimmobiliare is regularly registered to the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno with ID. Code 1603, to the Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionali (Professional Real Estate Agents Italian Federation) “FIAIP” with ID. Code 1389 and owning the required Professional Insurance of “Mutua Itas Group” n. M.11506095