Baratti Gulf

The Baratti Gulf, in the municipality of Piombino, is a wonderful place to visit in every season.
It is named “the Caribbean Tuscany” , it is a corner in which nature and are together creating a timeless place . In the Etruscan Period, this Gulf was one of the most important port of the coast, now is a touristic, small port full of charm; for scuba divers and snorkeling, Baratti is a real tresure to be discovered!!!The wonderful beach of the Gulf is safeguarded behind from a pinewood and fields where in the summer season, children can run carelessly.

Etruscan Necropolis

Just turning his back at the Gulf, appears an open-space museum ! The Etruscan Necropolis , a part of the “Baratti and Populonia Archeological Park”. It covers about 80 hectars between Piombino and Baratti and it is one of the most important places of Etruscan Civilization.

Il borgo di Populonia

Situated at the top of the hill , directly on the sea, Populonia has got an unbelivable charm. The Middle -Age Walls, built as defence against Pirates and the “Rocca” built in the first half of XV century, enclose paved alleys of old stones, shops and restaurants and a private Museum with Etruscan and Roman archeological finds discovered in the area . A real Paradise overlooking a view that leaves you breathless.

Buca delle Fate Cove

Finally, for those who love to walk, we suggest to visit the charming Buca delle Fate, a cove of steep cliffs with strange shapes drawn on the rocks by the elements of atmosphere. During your tour you will visit the graves in the underground chapels of the Etruscan Necropolis of Hellenistic period. Just going out the shady oaks forest, the view is wonderful on the foaming sea where silence dominates and the beauty of the landscape is exciting.