Volterra the town of alabaster

To diversify your holidays, an excellent choice is to visit Volterra, 1 hours driving from San Vincenzo. It is lain down over a hill and dominates a landscape that intently moves the visitors.
A real jewel of art , it plunges its roots into 3000 years of history. The indiscussed historical tradition joins the splendid nature offering an impressive patrimony from morphology to the vegetation to the fauna.
In Volterra, history has left the sign with continuity from the etruscan period to 800′s with artistic and monumental Testimonies that you can see walking in the historical town center, but also visiting
the museums:The Etruscan Museum” Guarnacci”, the Civic Art Gallery,the Religious Art Museum, the Ecological -Museum of Alabaster and the Museum of Tortures.
Together with this monuments , you can find a uncontaminated landscape, a good quality of life and a product of artistic handicraft well-known wordwilde: the alabaster.

San Gimignano and its towers

In the countryside of Siena, a fixed visit is in San Gimignano, named also “ The Manhattan of Middle Age”the famous Medieval Village with beautiful Towers, in the heart of Tuscany Country , in province of Siena and declared from UNESCO “Heritage of Mankind”. Walking in the historical town center means to jump in the Middle-Age period and tasting how the town was more than 700 years ago.
San Gimignano has got the Walls of 200′s and it is acrossed by two main roads that come in two wonderful Squares. Today there are only 16 Towers existing in the heyday of the town: the most ancient is “Torre Rognosa”51 mt. high , but the biggest is “Torre del Podestà” or “Big Tower” (54 mt. high). San Gimignano was born in a populated Etruscan site confirmed by a lot of archeological tesimonies (especially Graves) in the surrounding . Probably the hill was picked for strategic reasons cause it dominates the area of Alta Val D’Elsa.