Driving by car il “Romito” an actractive road overlooking the sea where the “Livornesi” (inhabitants of Livorno) love sunbathing from April until October, you arrive in Livorno, a town built from Medici Family at the second half of XVI century, and whose they used the port for their Political and Commercial purposes. Leaving the area of the Port and driving along the coast , you reach Antignano with its eclectic villas dating back to 1930 and the “Accademia Navale”. Through the “Canali Medicei” (Medicei Canals) the sea penetrates deep into the town’s neighborhoods (Quartiere Venezia). In Livorno rise from the first decades of 1800′s the actual Bathing Establishments. Famous is the ancient Fortress and the Symbol of the town, the statue of “4 Mori” in the Piazza del Padiglione in front of the Port “Mediceo”.

The Mascagni Terrace

The Mascagni Terrace is one of the most elegant and actractive places in Livorno, it was built in 1925 from the project by Enrico Salvais, it is located on the seafront close to Viale Italia. It’s a big
square bounded towards the sea by a sinuos balestrade with 4100 bollards. The floor is formed by a chessboard of 8700 square metres, composed by 34800 white and black tiles. Inside you can find also the “Palco della Musica” (Music Platform), a circular building which lodged concerts and events. Admiring it you can enjoy a very actractive view that allow you to gather the various blue shades from the sea to the sky and get excited in front of a dawn or a sunset. At last, on the North side of the square , the Aquarium , 3000 square metres surface with 33 basin lodging more than 2000 animals of 300 different kinds.